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Lilly is on a week long home trial.

Fingers and paws crossed it works out!! The adopters are awesome!!!

I am lacking inspiration today. I feel drained. I feel like I have hit a brick wall.


I need something….

Seriously I feel so out of it. I want to just crawl under a rock and die!

If you have cute pictures of you puppies please post them on my page Pit Bull Worldwide.


I need puppy love!!!
(SAYLER- Up for adoption through Cauzican Care)




Life is full of bittersweet moments.


Volunteering is one big blur of a bittersweet moment. Moments of love, laughter, and tears. At the shelter you learn to love and advocate for the animals. At events you learn how to assess a dogs needs and behaviors within the first 20 minutes of watching them at events. You learn how to love “harder to adopt dogs” like black dogs, hounds, heartworm positive dogs and pit bull type dogs. You learn these dogs don’t always have a happy ending. Sometimes they don’t make it out of a shelter,  sometimes their fosters take them back because they can’t deal with an extra dog, or with “undesirable” traits. I hate seeing people fail animals. It happens all too often.


Meet Quinn: He was returned to the shelter by a foster. The kicker– He didn’t do a damn thing wrong. His foster’s personal dog didn’t like him, they got into a fight, and Quinn wasn’t the aggressor. Quinn is amazing, his disposition is so fantastic, he loves people and gets along with dogs. He has been returned. He has no where to go. Except the ET room. No one wants him. I’ve posted and asked around, everyone is full, he is out of time and out of chances. He didn’t deserve this. The way this foster handled this was out of line. The rescue was given less than 4 hours notice between when the foster called to when he was put in a drop box at the shelter, on a Sunday afternoon.. He sat in a drop box over night. What a great way to return a dog… Leave him in a drop box… At the shelter he left from only 2 weeks earlier.


Isn’t Quinn cute? He loves people, seriously he needs an adopter now. He is out of time and the shelter is full. We have no where for him to go.


Midnight was abandoned at the shelter by her owner, along with her siblings Champ and Patches. She wasn’t well taken care of, she has heartworms. I am not saying her owners didn’t love her, but they certainly didn’t care for her properly. She now has to undergo a costly HW treatment to get rid of them, and the stress it will put on her body is unimaginable. She did nothing wrong, but someone just decided not to care for her properly. Lucky for Midnight she was taken into foster care, unlucky for Midnight she is now even less adoptable since she is black AND HW+….


Gizmo- Surrendered by her owner. After having puppies recently. She was abandoned. Just tossed away like garbage. Luckily a foster stepped up, it will be a while before she is adoptable, she needs to heal.


Moxie was abandoned in a shelter. She isn’t even 4 months old, and she was left to die. Meeting her was bittersweet, at first I was thinking “AWWW CUTE PUPPY” then my thoughts shifted to “Dying. Alone. Scared and confused”. LUCKILY she was adopted by a WONDERFUL Family who loves her dearly.

Animals aren’t trash. They are a commitment, they are living, breathing beings who deserve to be loved. Quinn deserves better, I have a bad feeling about his fate. I don’t want him to die, but there is nothing I can do, I have my own dogs, and I am at my limit. I’ve emailed, I’ve posted all over FB. I have done all I can do.

I will always volunteer, in some way. Whether it is environmental volunteering or animal rescue. I will always strive to make a difference in the world, no matter how small that difference may be. No matter how bittersweet volunteering is I will always do it.

There are heartwarming and heartbreaking moments in rescue, there are moments that make you question your sanity and moments that validate your reasons for volunteering. Rescue work is the epitome of the meaning of bittersweet.

If ANYONE out there can help Quinn please email me at!

Dream Weaver


When I am stressed I imagine myself falling.

Falling. Like Alice down the Rabbit Hole.

Not flying, not floating, just falling.

I know how weird I am, but this has always been a thing with me. It calms me down. When I was in elementary school I was teased often, so I would go to the big hill at the back of the playground and roll down it. Not once, many times, repeatedly, its addicting. Still not the same as falling.

I know how to fall, I am very clumsy. I do it often but what I am referring to is free falling.

One of my favorite songs by Tom Petty: Free Falling

In my dreams, I see myself falling. Sometimes it starts off with me flying, then it turns into falling. The other day it was the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. It was so real. It scared me because of how real it is.

Sometimes when I am around Eric I feel this way. He will do something sweet or say something sweet and I feel like I’m falling. Not in a cheesy way but like I feel safe. Like I feel comfortable with him.


(This guy is a great cook!)

I’m trying to do this without getting mushy. He is always being mushy and saying nice things. I don’t understand why. I always brush it off, but somewhere deep down, under that black hole known as my heart I like it. I like that he is nice to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he loves his animals so much. He treats them like children, which is pretty amazing, he loves animals and he likes volunteering. He never complains.

I trust him.

Liking someone this much, and being comfortable around them and sharing stuff with them (I’m not just talking about secrets, I’m talking about like sharing food, it’s kind of a big deal, cause I love food).

He has self control. Which I lack. He rarely swears, he has only done it a few times and its always because of something to do with animals, like a dog being returned or someone neglecting a dog.

He’s unique. He’s amazing. He’s darn near perfect.

(I say near perfect because as I finish the post he just admitted to eating the rest of the cookie dough in his fridge… Which I was trying to keep for my next round of stress eating…. Thanks Eric..)

ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE, animals love him…


Not just all animals. MY BABY JANGO LOVES HIM.

Jango has a man-crush on Eric. He is ALWAYS too excited to see Eric. Whenever he gets to see Eric there is a Jango Happy Dance complete with whining and yelping for joy. Its quite cute.


Missy and Pancho are lucky to have him as their dad, and I am lucky to have him in my life! He is wonderful and thoughtful!

Anyways thats enough mushy stuff!!!

I mustache you a question!


rykerstacheYes that is a dog with a mustache. Why you ask?

Cause he is awesome like that!!! Meet Ryker.

Former Cauzican Care Dog. Now service dog, and mustache aficionado!

So other than Ryker being awesome, he was wearing his new ‘stache for Samantha’s surprise birthday party!


(not the best picture)

I parked across the street and made her walk across the street blindfolded.. SHE WAS FLIPPING OUT!! She would not stop saying “DONT LET ME FALL!!” (Talk about trust issues!)

So instead of doing something “embarrassing” like throw her a huge party and inviting everyone she knows, I kept it simple. I invited all of her friends that I knew, and we brought some of our dogs to a vegan friendly restaurant named Monk’s. We had a simple dinner and gave her gifts and showered her with love and kind words!!


Somehow we pressured her to give in and drink on her special day!!!

(she swore it wouldn’t happen!!)


The mustaches from Colby turned this thing into a party!!!!


The rarely photographed Jamie was caught on film !!!


Andrea and Mariah had a fun time!!! They even took the mustaches to the club!

Of course I was hounded by the paparazzi on how once again I threw an amazingly well coordinated and planned surprise party…


But I fended the paparazzi off with my hand!! I am a Jedi. I have the force.

Don’t doubt it, just believe it!

So I mustache you a question now, why did you pick your dog(s)? If you adopted them from a shelter or rescue, what made you overlook other dogs and seek out your current dog? Was it just by chance?

(I am trying to see why some dogs are overlooked in shelters, I know the “statistical” answers but I want personal answers)

There is a cynic inside me….



  1. A person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons.
  2. A person who questions whether something will happen or is worthwhile.

I might be a bit of a cynic. I can’t help but think that people do things for their own selfish reasons. I know people who “volunteer” but they do it for reasons other than to help the animals. I guess I should have started off by saying that these volunteers aren’t anyone I associate myself with, they are volunteers I have come in contact with from time to time or volunteers that I stopped associating with due to their intentions.

Some volunteers will take in dogs from shelters or from CL, and then charge adoption fees of over $300 for a puppy that only required minor vetting or that isn’t vetted at all. I’ve then seen these puppies turn around and die in adopters arms from parvo. I’ve seen volunteers give dogs to anyone who will take them, and don’t do background checks, follow ups, applications, and sometimes they don’t even know their names. I’ve watched volunteers grab dogs by the neck and fling them into kennels. I’ve witnessed them taking things from donation baskets/donated items to use for their own dogs, including food that is supposed to go to shelters in need, I’ve seen people take money out of donation jars and when they are confronted about it they say “it covers my gas and expenses”. (What does that even mean and how are you going to explain taking over $50 to cover “expenses” when you didn’t even drive anywhere..)

I have seen people who work in animal rescue who abuse animals. I have seen them yank dogs around on leashes, hit them when they act up, and even yell at them when they are already scared. These people lack compassion and they lack morals. I’ve seen well meaning people snap, and turn into these types of volunteers. I believe this makes them feel powerful. (Don’t worry anytime I have seen this happen I speak up- there is a reason the only tattoo I have says Be Their Voice)


I have seen volunteers harass others on social media sites, degrade other volunteers, and even cuss out people because of a small mess up, these volunteers aren’t trying to help, they aren’t trying to open a forum for discussion, and they aren’t venting. They are being down right mean. It makes them feel important.

With social media it is a lot harder to see these people, who are so clearly (in person) horrible people, online they look like saints. They are commenting on various threads that they will pull a dog, they will rescue it, rehab it, they will save the day. Then after a dog is pulled they never post an update. I’ve seen horror scenes play out where someone releases a dog into their care and the dog disappears, or is put down because it “attacked” someone, yet there is no report or witness.

Social media has allowed these people to hide behind a computer.

It has allowed people who follow rescue pages to believe these people are heroes, and it has allowed them to get away with it.

Normally my posts are more up beat, but today, isn’t one of those days. Today is a day where I feel people like this are winning. People who are never held accountable for their actions. People who get off on this sort of thing.

I promise my next post will be more upbeat..

In the mean time check out these dogs that need saving…


Geoffrey: Cute Puppy at Shelter: Needs Home!


Sweet Magnolia needs a forever home, she is at the shelter, waiting.


Adorable Ziggy needs a home, and quick because the shelter is full.

Interested in the above dogs? Please email us at

Oh The Possibilities



Little Lilly might have a new home soon.

Are you as shocked as I am?

Well I am not getting my hopes up, but they are fantastic. The woman who is adopting her is really in love with her. She loves her eyes, and her soft coat, and even the fact that Lilly barks at her BF. She thinks its cute that Lilly will have to warm up to him. She understands Lilly’s issues… My mother and I are trusting Samantha to do the homecheck, ALONE, so that we don’t stress Lilly out. We still have to approve the application but I have a good feeling…. And so does Lilly. She likes her. Which is weird. She never warms up to people that quickly.. In a matter of minutes she was showing off her tricks.


So anyways, no more talking about Lilly getting adopted cause it makes me super excited!!

On to Oreo!

Lap Dog: Looking for Forever Home (Would do well in an Apartment!)

The tiny houseguest Eric entertained on Saturday night and Sunday. She is so cute.


She gets along with our dogs. She already LOVES Eric, when he left to go pick up lunch she waited for him by the door.


I’d be surprised if she was over 40lbs. She is so petite.

Adoptable Oreo participated in a 5k today!!!


She was so tired!!!

I am absolutely in love with this little lady!!!

Oreo was at the Insane Barking Bash Blowout yesterday, she did very well but she is still searching for her forever home.

Speaking of the Insane Barking Bash Blowout, IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Remember Flea Puppy?



And Lilly and a Shelter Pup named Moxie (I named her, and the family loves the name!!!) are both application pending!!!

June Bug is still looking for her forever home!!!


‘Fill out the application and give me some treats!!!!’

And on top of all of that we raised some awareness, some money and generated some interest in some of our animals.

The possibilities for the dogs we pull from the shelter are endless. Some could go on to be therapy dogs, Canine Good Citizens, and they will all go on to be beloved family members who are cherished in the lives of their humans and our rescue.

Remember, when you adopt an animal you make a commitment, and they put their lives in your hands. The commitment you make is bigger than any other, including marriage. Some people get mad when I say that but its true. Think about it:

An animal that needs you to: Feed it, Socialize it, Walk it, Let it outside, Love it, Pet it, Teach it, Train it, Bond with it, do all the things it can’t. You are the only way that animal can see the outside world. You are the highest authority in an animals eyes. You are the only connection to the world outside their home. Without you, they would all simply die in shelters, alone, terrified, and unsure of the world that could of been. Some still do, and my heart weeps for them, it enrages me to think people can’t see the possibilities. They can’t see the true potential each animal has.

Marriage: Love, Blah blah blah, 2 people who are capable of living with/without the other, I understand this is a bond, I understand it is a big step to commit unconditional love to another person. (Also animals don’t have opposable thumbs like spouses do.. So animals need you to do a lot of can opening, door opening, and all the other fun opposable thumb stuff they can’t do)

But committing unconditional love to an animal that I guarantee at one point (if not multiples times) in its life will: Throw up on you, throw up on all the things you love, eat anything and everything, cost you tons of money for blockages and illnesses, crap all over your house at first (and when they are sick or cant hold it), pee to mark things, or pee because you weren’t paying attention. You have to love that animal, animals don’t know right from wrong (although sometimes I think they do and tear things up to spite me…) they need you to love them, teach them, and forgive them. They are like children, but these children aren’t just in temporary homes until they “age out” of the system or are adopted. They are at risk of euthanasia, the ones that are in foster are at risk of their fosters giving up on them, returning them or moving last minute and not being able to take them with them. YOU hand pick an animal. Marriage is a big commitment, so is having children, but adopting a dog or cat is the biggest commitment you can make. Its the commitment to save a life, and be that animals superhero.

With that being said I wish people would stop surrendering animals and realize they need to honor their commitment.

And to end on a less “bah humbug ” Katelyn is mad moment, heres an adorable picture of my baby… Yes I adopted him!


And a cute picture of Missy, Eric’s Baby Girl!


(she is a little upset that adorable/adoptable Oreo is here)

The Soul of a Dog



I firmly believe you can tell a lot about a person by simply looking into their eyes. I can tell when people look away they are shy, or hiding something. I can tell that people who don’t break eye contact are confident and comfortable. I can tell when people dart their eyes that they are insecure. I’ve been watching eye contact for a long time now, with both humans and in dogs.


(Jango was the model for the photography class that the wonderful Betsy Sasnett hosted for our volunteers, best shot by Eric!)

I never noticed Jango’s true eye colors until last summer. I was at the Down Town Market Place with Jango working on training and we were working on his issues with strollers. I sat down on a bench next to Talya, who was petitioning against GMO’s (A.K.A Alien Food, Genetically Engineered Food) and she was volunteering with Food and Water Watch-Tallahassee, I knew about GMO’s and I signed the petition, she had observed earlier my training with Jango (since we had been at the market for well over an hour), so up until this point she had completely ignored him. She finally asked if she could pet him, as soon as he heard me say yes he crawled in her lap. She immediately looked into his eyes and said “Holy SHIT! Your dog has rainbow eyes!” I looked into his eyes and saw exactly what she meant, he had amber, brown,copper toned, and pale-ish green in the light eyes.. HOW HAD I NOT NOTICED!!! I FELT LIKE A BAD MOM, Hell I probably am! Up until this point I was in love with him because he needed fixing (and I have a thing for black dogs, they are “less adoptable”) . Now I was realizing his big ol’ “rainbow eyes” are the reason I haven’t been able to let him leave my side for too long, I look into those and I realize how intuitive he is..


(Jango was the model for the photography class that the wonderful Betsy Sasnett hosted for our volunteers, here is one of Eric’s best shot’s!)

Needless to say I went on to volunteer for a 6 month internship at FWWT. AND we all made Jango and his “rainbow eyes” our mascot. He went petitioning with us, to our meetings, and even to a few protests… He is my little activist. His eyes and his love of people was part of the reasons I would get so many petition signatures, seriously my record high was 145 in a 2 hour session!

His eyes have intrigued me ever since meeting Talya, from that day forward I have tried to pay attention to how he uses his eyes to reflect how he feels. I can tell when he “whale eyes” he is uncomfortable and unsure. I can tell when he has “bright eyes” he is feeling confident and secure. I can tell he is happy when he has soft eyes, that are alert but not anxious.When his eyes start darting or looking away from other dogs or me, he is being submissive. When his eyes are shift, and then fixate he is upset and will act out.

The way he looks lovingly into his boyfriend Pepper’s eyes, I can tell they love each other unconditionally. Seriously I have to get a picture of them doing the “love birds” look. Its adorable!

Dogs eyes can tell us a lot about them. Like these eyes:


Meet Gizmo, this unedited picture is a shot I took on my BF’s fancy camera, she was left in a drop box with her brother… They were abandoned. She is wondering who will save her… Check out adoptable Gizmo here!


Closed eyed Marisol, the stray puppy that was dropped off at AC covered in fleas… All those brown spots are fleas. I picked ticks off of her for about 10 minutes, she was just covered in them. She is stressed out and confused, and probably wondering why she is being forced to have a bath. Check out adoptable Marisol here!


Then there is calm but confused Bowden. He was left in the drop box. He is a bulldog/basset/lab puppy? He is so scared and timid, he really needs a loving family to call his own. He is very expressive and he is very sweet. He gets along with other dogs, after observing him play I realized Bowden has great play gestures and he has great eye expressiveness!! He would make the best “lounge around the house” dog. Check out adoptable Bowden here!


You have seen her before, and you’ll be seeing her again, Midnight. Soon to be Shalini’s and my amazing boyfriend Eric’s newest co-foster! 3-4 nights a week she’ll be with Shalini, and the rest of the time or whenever Shalini is out of town she will stay with Eric!!! Its the perfect situation for her!! She is very inquisitive, and very intelligent,  but she has these eyes that are so worry filled. This picture was taken at the last event, she was not adopted so she was taken back to the shelter, I am hoping she will be adopted soon, she is very observant, and listens well! Check out more on Midnight here!

And then there is this FANTASTIC picture that Betsy Sasnett took OF MY LIL MAN! He was in heaven with everyone he loves paying 100% attention and focus on him, he was so happy!!!

Betsy Sasnett Photog